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Banner advertising focuses on creating a portable medium that will make an impact in all conditions, indoor and out. The challenge is to combine vibrant images with durable materials that are tough enough to maintain their appearance when exposed to the elements, lighting conditions and sophisticated mechanisms for installation.

The material options are staggering and include various weights of mesh, canvas and PVC banners. Our 100% PE banners consist of a polyethylene base material with high density PE eyelets for positioning on walls or fencing. This is a 100% recyclable solution, making it a much greener alternative to standard vinyl banners.

From retail car park and in-store banners, to theatre and leisure banners, we have embraced the challenges set by our clients on a day-to-day basis, and made sure the results exceed their expectations. After all, if your brand, and your ideas are on display, the world should see them at their very best.

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